Operator assistance systems.


Optimal engine load.


The automatic control of the ground speed by CRUISE PILOT allows the programmed engine load to be used to the full. The operator specifies the desired engine load in CEBIS by setting the corresponding engine speed. CRUISE PILOT is activated easily by means of the control lever. The JAGUAR now adjusts its performance to operate at the set engine load all the time. If the crop suddenly becomes more dense, the ground speed is reduced automatically. If the crop density diminishes again, the JAGUAR increases the ground speed until the preset engine load is attained. This automatic adjustment is based on the detection of the throughput and the engine load.


Automatic adjustment of engine output.


The JAGUAR 980 to 940 models can be equipped with the DYNAMIC POWER automatic engine output control system. Maximum efficiency and throughput are attained when operating at full load. In the partial load range, the engine output is reduced automatically. This makes it possible to attain fuel savings of up to 10.6%.

Before entering the crop, DYNAMIC POWER switches to the maximum engine output . This is made possible through the intelligent combination of the engine load, ground speed and working position. If maximum power is no longer required after entering the crop, DYNAMIC POWER reduces the output to the appropriate setting.

DYNAMIC POWER adjusts the engine output optimally to the field conditions in ten steps. This ensures that you are always operating in the most efficient engine speed range.

JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497) 900 HRC 800 LRC

A team of assistants. Precisely the help you need.

Steering systems

The operator is responsible for steering the machine precisely. The more accurately each pass matches the working width, the more effective the working day. Automatic steering systems are therefore able to reduce the operator's workload drastically.

JAGUAR 980-930 (Type 497) 900 HRC 800 LRC

Automatic control of the upper discharge chute.


AUTO FILL is based on digital 3D image analysis. The system takes care of controlling the upper discharge chute for you. With AUTO FILL, discharging to the rear is now also automated.